Help, I think I need a new boiler!

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Boiler broken down again? Could it be time for a new boiler?

If your boiler has broken down or is just too old and inefficient – South West Plumbing can help!

Could your boiler be giving off tell-tale signs that it is due for replacement. If your boiler is not running smoothly, it could simply need a service, or the problem may be more serious, and it could mean you need a new boiler.

If you are unsure, then give our friendly team a call on 01803 615000 and we would be happy to arrange a visit and diagnose the problem. We may be able to fix it there and then with our Boiler Repair Service.

Common Boiler Problems

Boiler is making a funny noise!

Boilers do make some noise, but if you notice a new noise, such as banging, clunking or grinding, there could be a problem.

Suggested Action – Don’t delay, as leaving it could result in damage to your boiler.

Give South West Plumbing a call on 01803 615000.

Boiler is giving off a terrible smell!

Healthy boilers should not smell or give off any odour. 

An unusual smell could be a sign of a burnt-out component or if your boiler is letting off a sulphur-like smell you may have a gas leak.

Utility companies purposefully add an eggy, sulphur-like smell to natural gas to make it easier to detect should it enter the atmosphere.

Urgent Action Required if you detect a sulphur smell – You should turn off your gas, open doors and windows, not turn on any electrical items and go outside the property. If you live in the South West, you should immediately contact Wales and West Utilities who operate the gas distribution network across Wales and South West England on 0800 912 2999. They will send an emergency engineer to attend your property and ensure your safety.

Boiler is shutting down!

The boiler switching itself off is often due to in-built safety mechanisms which prevent the boiler from over heating.  Many things could cause this, low water pressure, a faulty pump or a frozen condensate pipe, to name a few.

This may be resolved with a service, but it could be more serious, a leak on the system or a faulty component.

Why is one of my radiators not getting hot?

This could be due to an air lock, a faulty radiator valve, the system may need balancing, the pipework leading to the radiator may have a blockage or perhaps the radiator is full of sludge.

Suggested Action – Call South West Plumbing out to diagnose the problem, we have infra-red cameras to help us quickly diagnose sludge filled radiators, if that’s not the problem we can check all the other possible issues

Old Age!

You can expect a good quality, well installed boiler to have an average lifespan of 12 – 15 years.  However, your boiler is a very hard-working appliance that has to provide heating and hot water for you 365 days a year.  You need to look after it to ensure it performs well and doesn’t let you down when you need it most.

Suggested Action – Join our HeatCare Service Plan from £5.99 a month to help your boiler live a long and happy life.

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